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Our experience suggests that not all foreign companies who are eager to gain access to the EU market are necessarily thinking of setting up a company on its territory, launching their own production and building sales. Small and medium-sized companies that do not have the necessary financial resources and expertise rarely decide on risky investments in expensive market research and make strategic investments in companies in the European Union.

Even many large companies would like to export and sell their products here using the already created channels: agents, distributors, wholesalers, importers, large retailers. Naturally, such an approach has its pros and cons. It is however a good choice for those who intend to minimize risks and save time to enter a new market. Then how can you find a suitable partner in the EU and how can you convince yourself of its reliability, if you are not willing to spend money and time on searches? We will find and negotiate with potential agents on your behalf.

Our services include:

  • search for the most important agents in your field of business;
  • assess the marketing policy, reliability and conditions of the most promising agents;
  • in-depth due diligence study (if the case may be);
  • negotiate cooperation conditions.

Mechanisms of our activity:

  1. Together with the beneficiary, we develop criteria for selecting potential partners. For example::
    • looking for an exclusively important distributor that has established employment contracts with major retail chains,
    • that owns the suitable logistics,
    • that has an ??? status,
    • that has its own distribution network,
    • that has experience working with the relevant product group, etc.
  2. Together with the beneficiary, we prepare and adapt the presentation materials, commercial offers, certificates and other necessary documents to the local requirements.
  3. We carry out an in-depth search in the market, we identify in each company the responsible person, we keep in touch by phone and by electronic means, we send a package of documents of the beneficiary.
  4. We identify the interests of potential partners and conduct a full round of negotiations on behalf of the beneficiary on all conditions of cooperation.
  5. In parallel, we carry out the general or detailed due diligence of the selected partners.
  6. We provide legal due diligence services in the preparation stage in order to sign international distribution and delivery contracts.


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