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The Romanian Carpathians are one of the most famous and at the same time most mysterious places on the planet. If you so wish, you will be able to touch the history of this place, become part of it, make it your own and leave it to your descendants.

Larin Group and Reinvest RQM introduce "ZANOAGA" project

“ZANOAGA” is a piece of land with an area of ??150 ha located in the Carpathians, on ZANOAGA mountain, with the altitude of 1400-1500 meters. This mountain is located in Doftana Valley region, in Prahova County. The slope of ZANOAGA mountain is located on the former border between Wallachia and Transylvania. This area is well known throughout the world as "the land of Count Dracula".

This piece of land is the private property of Reinvest RQM company, a fact that is attested by the documents issued by the National Agency for Cadaster and Real Estate Publicity from Romania.

Currently, the following studies have been carried out in relation to this piece of land: meteorology, selective technical and geological research, hydrogeological and geotechnical research, vertical radio scanning, water reserve research, with the prospect of locating residential buildings on ZANOAGA territory. These studies were conducted by the National Institute of Geology and Meteorology from Romania. The results show that this area truly deserves to be considered unique, particularly in terms of the huge amount of extremely clean water. Moreover, the high quality of soils does not even create restrictions for construction, something which is not a common phenomenon in mountainous areas at such an altitude.

In Zanoaga, our company has installed and reserved an electrical network with a power of 2 MW, with the possibility of increasing it to 4.5 MW.

Three construction areas are planned on this land:

Zone 1. The “private area” is intended for the construction of individual private houses. (The house project is chosen by the buyer with the guarantee of complete urbanization).

Standard offer: 2500 m2 with a house of 250 - 380 m2. The total cost is of approximately 1280 euro/m2 of a turnkey house, with private property rights. Turnkey project implementation period: 2 years.

A rare opportunity to turn the house of your dreams to reality, into a truly unique place!

Area 2. The "Club Area" is intended for the construction of private boarding houses (pensions) and corporate clubs.

The type of building, the land area for a boarding house (pension)/club are stipulated individually, depending on the client’s needs and on his intention to combine recreation with obtaining a return on the invested capital.

For both the first and the second area, the administration of the buildings is provided in order to rent them during periods when they are free of owners. For this purpose, in the commercial area there will be a maintenance and rental service of the buildings situated inside the complex. By signing a contract with this service, you will have an operator who will take care of the properties and of all the matters related to their administration.

The estimated profit from renting the buildings will be of 6% - 10% per year compared to the amount invested in the project. On the completion of the project as a whole with all three areas, the value of the buildings, according to the minimum estimates, will increase by 200%.

Area 3. "Shopping area". Our company intends to create a recreational complex with therapeutic facilities for winter and summer times. An important factor in creating a modern tourist infrastructure will be the construction of a five-star "Hilton" hotel in the commercial area, according to a memorandum already signed by the parties.


The tourist complex with winter-summer conditions from Valea Doftanei proposed for development is situated in a picturesque natural setting where a tourist may enjoy resting far away from any polluted environment. Currently, one of the most visited places by tourists is the lake sometimes called by the locals "the small mountain sea". Located at the entrance to Valea Doftanei commune, the lake was formed as a result of the construction in 1966-1971 of the dam with a height of about 100 m which blocked the river of the same name that flowed through the valley. The mountainous relief of this area is more pronounced in the north, where it borders Bra?ov County. The highest mountain massifs are the mountains Radela, Orjogoaia, Baiu Mare and Baiu Mic, which are of interest for the development of ZANOAGA tourist area.


Zanoaga alpine area is at a distance of:

- 117 km from Bucharest, the capital city of Romania;

- 39 km from Bra?ov, an important economic, cultural and student center;

- 25 km from DN1 (DN - national road);

- 19 km from DN1A.

The good geographical location and the relatively developed infrastructure of the new complex create the potential for serious development of the entire Doftana Valley region.

Access ways

The easy access to the proposed complex is determined by the fact that the road DJ102i (DJ - county road) and DN1A (Câmpina - S?cele - Bra?ov) pass through Valea Doftanei commune.

The DJ102i road crosses the DJ102? road, which has two components: DJ101S (Comarnic - Sec?ria - Valea Doftanei) and DJ101T (Valea Doftanei - Bertea-Sl?nic). Thus, there is a connection between Prahova Valley, Doftana Valley and Teleajen Valley (close to the river).


The "Bucharest-Brasov" high-speed train makes a stop in the town of Campina, and from here to Doftana Valley there are only 25 km that may be traveled by using the means of the existing transport infrastructure. 


The airports "Henri Coand?" in the town of Otopeni and "Aurel Vlaicu" in Bucharest are located at a distance of about 110 km from Doftana Valley. Ghimbav Airport, which is under construction in Brasov County, is at the distance of 45 km.


The tourism and medical tourism industry in particular is one of the most important sectors of the future in Doftana Valley. These are the sectors that generate capital, create jobs and supply the country budget.

This industry is also attractive for foreign investment, including the fact that Zanoaga project will meet all the requirements of the 21st century, using a state-of-the-art concept in architecture, infrastructure and services.

Our company invites financiers, developers, architects and other specialists working in the field of construction and tourism, to participate in the "ZANOAGA" project.

If you are interested in the details of the project, we are ready to answer any of your questions.

Any proposition is welcome!

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