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As part of the legal services for resident companies, we offer advice on various legal issues related to the current activities of the beneficiaries, in particular:

  • Representation of interests in public and legal authorities, in other institutions, organizations with any form of ownership.
  • Counseling on matters related to actions brought before the court, litigations and arbitration procedures.
  • Examination of draft documents submitted by the beneficiary and issuing of opinions regarding the compliance of these documents with the laws in force in Romania and the EU.
  • On written request, provision of information on the existence, in the laws in force, of regulations settling the issues that may occur in the process of carrying out the Beneficiary’s activities.
  • Preparation, analysis and legal writing of draft contracts related to the current activity carried out on the territory of Romania.
  • Other endeavors to legally support the activity on the territory of Romania.


We also provide written and verbal consultations in the following main areas:

  • Corporate law. A number of issues related to the registration and activity of legal entities with different legal and organizational forms, including licensing for particular activities, related to merger and absorption, bankruptcy, winding up of the legal entity, etc.
  • Accounting.
  • Work legislation.
  • Taxes.
  • International trade transactions and contract law. We also provide assistance in bargaining and negotiation of contract clauses.
  • Distribution agreements, agency agreements, franchises.
  • Laws on the organization of the EU trading system and rules and procedures for imports into the EU from third countries. Issues related to import rates, charges, classification of goods, import quotas, preferences, security measures, customs clearance, sanitary and veterinary requirements, product certification, labeling requirements, etc.
  • Protection of intellectual property, including trademark registration services.


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