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By agent agreements, we undertake to deal with the organization and further development of sales arising from direct supply and distribution contracts closed between a foreign manufacturer and Romanian buyers.

Our activity includes:

During the pre-contract stage:

  1. Market research to determine its area, the competitive environment, the main market participants (manufacturers, importers, distributors, end clients, etc.), trade policy, price dynamics and other factors.
  2. Search for potential buyers and conduct a full round of negotiations in order to close the direct supply contracts.

After closing the supply contract:

  1. Coordinate all purchase orders.
  2. Monitor the timely payments as agreed in the closed contracts.
  3. Monitor the takeover of the shipped goods in accordance with the contract provisions.
  4. Coordinate the communication between the manufacturer and the buyers, settling the current issues related to the execution of the contracts closed for the provision of products.
  5. Monitor the sales of products by Romanian contractors and monitor sale stimulation and development works.
  6. Advise manufacturers on legal and commercial issues arising from the closed provision contracts, prepare the draft contracts and other legal documents.
  7. Organize trade meetings and negotiations.

We cooperate with a large number of importers, Romanian and international distributors, sales networks and online platforms on different product groups. You may find more details here.


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