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The European Union laws, as well as Romania's national regulations, demand a series of clear requirements that a company must meet in order to carry out certain economic activities, such as, for instance, transport of goods and passengers, trade in dual-use goods, crewing, manufacturing, sale and storage of food, trade in medicines, constructions and much more. The special requirements set to such companies may refer to the qualification of the staff, the amount of the share capital (or the existence of a bank security), the equipment and quality of the means of transport and manufacturing, etc. As a rule, special areas of activity are subject to compulsory licensing by specialized public services according to the general criteria adopted at European Union level.

In practice, when setting up a company (for instance, a LLC using a regular, “basic” package), documents are submitted in parallel to obtain authorizations to carry out particular activities. After obtaining the license, this activity is registered in the company's articles of incorporation. Sometimes it is more advisable to obtain a license not for a newly established company, but for a company that has already been working for some time in this field or in a similar branch, in order to simplify obtaining that specific license.

Naturally, different requirements apply to different areas of activity. For example, a company that plans to transport goods has an obligation to pay a guarantee fee for each means of transport that will be transferred to the company's share capital. The amount of this fee is of 9,000 euros for the first car, and of 5,000 euros for each of the next vehicles. If the company is more than one year old, the payment of these amounts is possible through the bank security. The minimum number of employees is three: director (with studies and professional experience in the field), chief mechanical engineer in charge with the means of transport and with the admission of drivers to work, and a dispatcher to manage the activities related to orders and drivers. Also, all drivers must be certified.

Our company will not only register for you the turnkey company in Romania, but it will also offer you full support in obtaining special licenses and authorizations in Romania.

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