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There is essentially nothing difficult about starting a company. The question is, how much understanding do you have of the Client and what final result will you offer?

Our company is fundamentally different from other registrars. We are interested in the success of the Client in a company started with us in Romania.

We are not just registering a company, but providing the Client with everything necessary for the company to operate in Romania.

  • Company registration
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Obtaining all necessary licences and permits
  • Customs support
  • Working with local and international banks
  • Secretarial support and primary accounting
  • By contacting us, you get everything at once



Cost of starting a company


The cost depends on many details and cannot be fixed.
Many details, wishes and the specifics of the Client’s business have to be taken into account for the calculation.


  1. What activities will the company engage in? All options and perspectives need to be considered.
  2. Who is the founder? Is it an individual or a legal entity? What is the country of the founder’s passport? How many founders?
  3. Do the internal documents of the founders need to be translated and legalised in Romanian by a Romanian notary if they are foreigners?
  4. How will the company be established? Will the founders come in person? Or will the registration be remote?
  5. What will the legal address be? An individual postal address with an individual number (annual payment)? Or an actual real legal address? Place of work (monthly payment).
  6. Which bank is needed for which activity? How many banks? If payment systems are needed, we need to understand what documents should be prepared.
  7. What documents, permits, licences will the Client need in the future? What documents and conditions should be provided for at the start of registration?
  8. What kind of support is needed for the company after registration?


We provide a basic price upon request according to the client’s answers to the questions above.


For pricing enquiries, email: office@larinconsult.com or Telegram: +40724 050 077




  1. The collection of documents for the establishment depends mainly on the Client and his/her promptness in preparing and submitting documents to us. (We provide a list of documents on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type and nationality of the founders).
  2. It takes us two to three hours to submit documents if clients come in person.
  3. Once the documents are submitted, official registration takes three to four days, unless there are questions or a request for additional documents from the founder. But we usually solve it all quickly.
  4. Once the documents are received, the work with the banks begins. For personal accounts, this is done within a day. For companies, the process is rather slow, taking anywhere from a week to two and a half depending on the bank.
  5. Together with the banks, it has to be decided who will do the bookkeeping and a power of attorney has to be drawn up with a notary for an accountant with an electronic signature, who will submit reports on behalf of the Client and be responsible therefore. According to this power of attorney and a relevant agreement, the accountant also activates the company in all public and social authorities, pension and insurance institutions. The accountant also directly submits the VAT number form. The whole procedure takes about three weeks.



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