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Beside the general rules of international trade, the import of products from third countries into the EU is governed by a number of harmonized laws. Different rules apply to different categories of goods, setting out both the procedure for entering the EU and the additional arrangements for the relevant product. Both an external exporter and an importer into the EU must have a deep understanding of the requirements for imported products and related documentation. For example, here you can get an idea of ??the rules and procedures for importing food into the EU.

Our company will not only help you to understand these aspects in detail, but will also make it easier for you to prepare the necessary documents and import your goods into the EU.


  • Competent analysis and/or preparation (including translations, as well as notarized ones) of the entire file of supporting documents, from the sale-purchase contract to certificates and label models.
  • Simulate customs clearance, namely performing a computer customs clearance demonstration in a licensed customs program that allows you to accurately establish the list of related documents, calculate tariffs and duties, VAT, etc. for each specific batch of goods.
  • Customs clearance on the Romanian territory through our partner brokerage companies (the beneficiary closes a service contract directly with a brokerage company), with the traveling of one of our representatives to the customs clearance point (if the case may be).
  • Assistance in implementing the international transport logistics.

We undertake the development of the complete cycle of organizing the works related to the freight transport by sea, air and land, storage of goods in containers and without containers, offering "turnkey" deliveries to our clients!

We organize the transport of goods by sea, rail and road for export and import. We count on a team of qualified employees in the field of transport, we take full responsibility for organizing the complete cycle of goods on domestic and international routes: from advising the client  to delivering the goods to the client 's warehouse.

We deal with deliveries for the following destinations:

Deliveries from Russia to Romania.

Deliveries from Ukraine to Romania.

Deliveries from Belarus to Romania.

Deliveries from Kazakhstan to Romania.


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