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SC Larin Trade Consulting SRL has the necessary experience and tools to carry out marketing studies of different complexity in Romania.

A marketing study is not always a scientific paper with a volume of 150 pages with attachments. Any analysis must follow certain clearly defined objectives.

If it is not about some industrial and financial giants and assimilations or mergers, a large part of the producers and buyers in the post-Soviet space often have quite simple questions which, after receiving an answer, leave the way open for developing a sound strategy and action plan. However, the importance of researching the environment where they are to work should not be underestimated.

Let us present three small examples related to the Romanian "specificity" that we have noticed lately:

1) Buckwheat is not part of the traditional Romanian cuisine and is just beginning to appear in the retail trade. Here, it is positioned not as a regular side dish, but rather as a dietary, organic product with low calories. Buckwheat is usually sold in a special area along with other "rare" products and… even in pharmacies.

2) In the Romanian retail trade, products that can be sold both frozen, and cooled, may be found rather in the freezer area, despite the fact that in the EU as a whole the situation is quite the opposite. Undoubtedly, this affects both the logic of promoting products on the market and the commercial part of the matter, as the costs of listing and competition on the shelf will be different.

3) The recently adopted amendments to Law 321, or, as it is called here, “supermarket law”, have forced large retailers to give local producers at least 51% of the shelf with dairy products and fresh meat, vegetables and fruits, and have banned Express merchants to charge from suppliers shelf entry and promotion fees. This has significantly changed the rules of the game for all major chains and distributors in the country.

Naturally, when assessing the prospects for entering a new market, an integrated and systematic approach is important. From our experience, in the case of most companies taking their first steps in Europe, a minimum of necessary knowledge they should possess must include:

  • market potential in the relevant segment;
  • the direction of the market movement, its dynamics, the degree of openness and attractiveness for new players;
  • main sales channels;
  • competitive environment;
  • the process of price formation in all stages;
  • the chain of movement of goods to the final consumer;
  • EU provisions regarding safety, technical, environmental, sanitary and many other parameters for the relevant product group;
  • visual and taste preferences of the local market;
  • brand promotion mechanisms, product rebranding and private label production possibilities.

This set of knowledge allows the construction of a market entry strategy and provides an overview of the image regarding what decisions to make concerning the actual actions that can be taken. 

Here are some of the marketing studies conducted by SC Larin Trade Consulting SRL:

1. Market research. When conducting such a market research, it is necessary to determine the character and size of the market (clients must be characterized in terms of age, gender, profession, social status, position, income). The analysis involves the study of consumer marketing, the identification of information on the geographical position of buyers, as well as on the share of products of the main competing companies in relation to the total volume of sales in a market sector. Moreover, the study analyzes the structure, organization of activity and composition of the sales network that serves this market. Marketing analysis is also subject to general economic trends and other external trends capable of influencing the market structure.

2. Sales Research. In this research, the differences in the volume of sales in certain regions are determined, the boundaries of sales areas are established and reviewed, the effectiveness of the activity of sales specialists is established, the methods applied in trade and the summation of sales are assessed. During the study, the marketing analysis is also subject to the efficiency of distribution networks in terms of "expenditure - revenue". In the process of marketing research, attention is paid to the inventory of product stocks in retail chains.

3. Product Research. In this case, the weak and strong parts of the competing products are analyzed. That is, the study of goods must cover not only the products manufactured by your company, but also those produced by competitors. In this context, it is also about looking for new ways to use manufactured products on the market, analyzing ways to create new products, testing new products with the participation of buyers, studying the packaging, exploring opportunities to simplify or supplement the assortment.

4. Export Marketing Research. In this case, the analysis is performed on the entire chain of movement of goods, from the product warehouse at the factory to the shelf in the hypermarket belonging to a European chain.

The list of marketing positions for analysis presented above is only an approximate, general one, helping to highlight the general features of possible researches. The list may be larger or smaller depending on the specific needs of the beneficiary.


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