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We have proven in practice that the efficient activity of a company on the territory of Romania is possible without the direct presence on the spot of the director and even of the company's employees. We will not only register the turnkey company for you and provide the accounting service, but we will also take over the entire administrative and operational part.

Providing services to a trade company in compliance with the "remote registered office" algorithm (as an example) includes the following services:

1. General secretarial services for the Beneficiary's company, including:

  • communication by telephone, fax, e-mail with the Beneficiary's contractors, economic subjects, authorities;
  • scanning, copying, receiving and sending by post the documents of the Beneficiary's company;
  • settlement of administrative issues related to the registered office of the Beneficiary's company;
  • creation and management of the company’s document archives.

2. Control over the customs clearance procedures of the Beneficiary's import goods on the territory of Romania, including control over the broker's actions, verification and transmission of the package of documents for broker and accounting.

3. Control over the delivery and receipt of the Beneficiary's goods at the contractor's warehouse.

4. Organizing and maintaining the interaction and communication between the Beneficiary and the contractors; carrying out works with contractors on issues arising from the fulfillment of contracts concluded between Beneficiary and contractors.

5. Inventory of the Beneficiary's goods; recording and processing of returns and rejections; control over the loss-switching operations of the goods, operations carried out by the contractor and by the accountant.

6. Monitoring the correct and timely submission of invoices and other management documents by the Beneficiary's contractors for the company's accounting and archives.

7. Monitoring the correct and timely submission of the Beneficiary's company statements to the local authorities.

8. Checking and correction of invoices, according to the Beneficiary's instructions - if the case may be.

9. Maintaining operational communication with the bank serving the company; transmission of the necessary documents related to the Beneficiary's payments; payment monitoring.

10. Maintaining the communication with the Beneficiary’s operational divisions abroad (client  service center, customs broker, marketing department, export department, etc.) regarding current issues.

11. General functions of representation (negotiations, meetings, handing over product samples, remote participation in exhibitions, etc.)

12. Fulfilling other current tasks of the Beneficiary, including those related to business trips in the country.

We provide the full guarantee regarding the confidentiality of the Beneficiary's trade and service, as well as the security of the Beneficiary's and contractors’ or clients’ documents of particular importance.


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